Writings on clay tablets Assyrian traders from the 19th Century BC demonstrate the use of knotted carpets and textile floor coverings. The Babylonian word kasiru during the first half of the second millennium denotes the carpet weavers.

The oldest carpet one has ever found only goes back to the fifth century before Christ. This carpet has the name Pazyryk carpet, because he was found there during excavations in the Altai Mountains. Chain, shot and knotting of the carpet are made from wool. He was tied with symmetrical knots. Its size is 1,98 m x 1,83 m. He can be admired in the National Eremitage Museum, St. Petersburg/Russia. This rug was discovered in 1949 by a Soviet group in the central Altai Mountains and is the oldest almost completely preserved carpet. His technique, the skilled labor and the complex symbolism of the ornamental decoration make it to a already highly developed work.

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