Bidjar and Herati

In this category you can find the original Bidjar rugs from the Iran and the afterwards knotted ones from India. The original Bidjar is knotted in the Iranian city Bidjar and the surrounding villages, which is part of the province Kirmanshah. Today, these rugs are the most popular ones around the world. Hard striking of the bends within the knotting and the circumstance that the rug is knotted partly with wet wool give to the rug a incredible denseness and durability. Bidjar rugs are knotted only by men. The warp and the weft are made from cotton, the tuft is made from very high quality Kurdian Highland wool. Indian Bidjars are as well hand made in different qualities in companies in India. The Bidjar from India is the reasonably priced alternative to the original Bidjar rug. The pictures below are only design examples.

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